Rosy-Faced Lovebirds

We were standing in our garden one evening, not long after we’d moved in. There were birds in the high branches of the tree that stands outside our wall, on the street. “They look like lovebirds,” I said. “But they can’t be. You don’t get lovebirds in Johannesburg.”

But they looked like lovebirds, so I got out the binoculars. Unmistakable. I got out the Roberts bird guide. Again, unmistakable. These were Rosy-Faced Lovebirds, a resident flock who live in the rafters of the townhouse one block up from us. You see them in the evenings, gathering in the same tree, or in the morning, in the tree that stands across from my study window. And I was right, in a way – according to the bird book, the lovebirds are endemic to Namibia and the north-west corner of the country but are not resident in Johannesburg. They must have moved in recently, since the book was published – climate change, perhaps, and changing habitats.

But it’s nice to think of them here, making their new home in the city, filling the air with their calls and colours. Migrants, like us. And a kind of a welcome party.

Rosy-Faced Lovebird #1

4 responses to “Rosy-Faced Lovebirds”

  1. Certainly a welcome to both you & Rob as you start another adventure in your lives! ❤️😺


    1. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
      Mark Lafer Consulting

      Besides the pleasure of a beautiful photo and post, I actually learned something. In my benighted home territory, most people used parakeet and love bird interchangeably – and as it turns out, incorrectly. The former, from Australia. The latter from Africa. Your post pushed me to research the terms. Thank you, and you may add educator to your imposing list of expertise.


      1. Now I have learned something too. Thank you 🙂


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