The Cape, Mothers Day

I had had my misgivings, as readers of this blog will know, about the weather expected across South Africa on Mothers Day, last Sunday. But, contrary to expectation, the Cape was in glorious form – warm, bright, still, the sea on both sides of Cape Point calm as a pond, the waves turning crisply white as they reached the shore.

I took my 85 year-old mom – she could pass easily for 70, and a pretty nimble 70 year-old at that – for a variant on one of our usual drives, this time over the high road above Kalk Bay, along the coast toward Simonstown, and up over the steep Redhill pass to the crest of the mountain and down again onto the Scarborough side.

At Scarborough we drove down to the beach, a picture of tranquillity, and then on to Witsand, where I was taken by the shadow-lines on the white sands from the wind-breaks, and stopped to take some more pictures with the Leica (Digilux Typ 109) – still my go-to camera when I’m traveling light, or traveling on business.

Here are some images – old hat for Capetonians, but maybe an incentive for some of our family and friends in Canada and the US – and indeed elsewhere – to consider a visit.

2 responses to “The Cape, Mothers Day”

  1. Sounds like a great day.
    A wonderful place reminding me of being there in 2015


    1. Nice to hear from you Mike – here’s hoping we can get you back here again 🙂


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