Man meets man, Nirox

I throw this image onto the table – Man meets Man, from the Nirox Winter Sculpture Festival – like a playing card, to signify risk, a gamble, a certain funkiness of things. Look at the silver boots on the winged feet of the old geezer with his back to us: that could be me, facing an inscrutable future.

A quick counting of the cards:

  • Rob landed safely at O.R. Tambo on Monday evening – Queen of Hearts
  • a calm, contented, autumn afternoon this mild Sunday at the Ale House in the Magaliesberg, in the highveld sunlight – Ace of Hearts
  • things coming to a head, for me at work, after five frankly unpleasant and frustrating months – when the chips are down, play The Joker. Or the Ace of Clubs

There will be news, when the news is clearer, and there is time to write and update you. For now – Rob is well, so I am as well.

Enjoy the picture.

Man meets man, Nirox


One response to “Man meets man, Nirox”

  1. Glad all is well with you & Rob arriving safely. Thinking of you both. ❤️😺
    Interesting article from your tweet on London’s Mayor. He seems a very capable leader.


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