Turbine Art Fair

Joburg, as my son-in-law likes to point out, is alive and kicking. It may be edgy as hell, dangerous to your health, but there’s always stuff going on.

The annual Turbine Art Fair, in Newtown, Johannesburg, is one of the highlights. You cross over the Nelson Mandela Bridge and descend into a maelstrom of township  taxis, honking and swerving, while shoals of pedestrians swarm the crumbling streets like sardines on a sardine run. You need eyes in the back of your head to keep from running someone down or getting yourself run into. You park the car on the top floor of a grey, industrial parking garage, plunge across the chaotic street, and make your way into the Turbine building. Suddenly there is calm – the crowds are stilled, observant. The art is fantastic.

If this is South Africa, you think – setting aside the politics, the crime, the streetlights that don’t work, the shadow state, the systemic corruption – man, there is life, there is energy! The artists and entrepreneurs are busting out all over!

Here are some images.

2 responses to “Turbine Art Fair”

  1. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to come for a visit. Saw Rob in one of the pics.


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