A birth and a birthday

Thanks to all of the family, friends and colleagues who have sent me birthday wishes today – as the years fly by ever faster, and my sins of omission and commission as well as my many unexpected blessings loom ever larger in my imagination, I appreciate more each time around what it means to be remembered. Thank you indeed.

The real news though is not my birthday – this is a movie we’ve seen more than once before, after all – but the birth, on July 26th, of my third grandson, Gabriel Michael Fisher, to Hayley and Jonathan, in London UK. Cute as a button, he has brought joy already to his parents and grandparents and many others beside. Long may this continue.

Since we are speaking of birthdays, I’ve decided to do a reset on mine, in honour of the grandchildren: this year will be treated as year zero, and next year, along with Gabriel and Thomas (but not Josh, who is the senior among us) I will turn one.

So, when they ask me one day, how old are you, grandad, I shall say, I’m just as old as you are. That should confuse the little buggers completely. I can just imagine the laughter and consternation, the protests, the confusion.

At my age, it’s cunning, not strength, that keeps you ahead.

3 responses to “A birth and a birthday”

  1. Age is only a number and I shall remember that next year. Congrats again on the birth of your third grandson, Gabriel. He is a cutie. Hope you & Rob are enjoying your birthday celebration.


  2. As someone several years your senior, but [obviously] not focused on the calendar, all I have to say is “Oy.” On the other hand, you were not about to gain any respect linked to the idea that “with age comes wisdom,” in today’s Trumpian world. So, what the heck.

    I would add, “A belated happy….” However, your recent posts seem to show – most excellently – that it was and continues to be thus, at least personally.


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