Lunch with my mother

My mother, at 85, likes a good lunch, and likes to be spoiled. Cucina Labia, the official home of Count Labia, envoy to South Africa of the little Italian dictator, Mussolini (Trump’s clownish forebear) ticked all the boxes when we went there – appropriately enough – on Women’s Day, last Wednesday.

‘I like this. I like this. I can do this,’ my mum kept repeating.

Here are two photos of her – still pretty sharp, I’d say, at her age. The photo of the ladies doing lunch, at a Women’s Day fundraiser, helps establish the scene and the ambience.

The weather, incidentally, was perfect – warm and brilliant, with that piercing Cape sunlight – until, as we left around 3 or 3.30, the clouds came pouring over the mountain.

We drove around Hout Bay and Camps Bay, one of those familiar routines, and I stopped above Llandudno to capture the seascape.


4 responses to “Lunch with my mother”

  1. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
    Mark Lafer Consulting

    A wonderful way to be a good and loving son. Proud to call you a friend.


  2. Your mother looks fabulous! Beautiful setting and appears to be a nice restaurant.
    Love the seascape. Stunning!


    1. She’s in great shape thanks – and we had a lovely day 🙂


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