You reach Lindsay Scott’s Hillfold Pottery in Lidgetton in the Natal Midlands by following a dirt road into the hills, climbing through forest, then turning off down a narrow rutted track that makes you wonder why, oh why, do you no longer have the Landy, until suddenly the woodland opens and you are in a sunny clearing where a low bungalow awaits, and the studio beckons.

The man himself was there, reserved but gracious, and while he might have been of few words the work spoke volumes. We bought a piece for ourselves, and one or two smaller pieces for gifts, and I took a few photos.

If you love ceramics, and you’re visiting the Midlands, be sure to pay a visit to Hillfold.

Photos were taken with the Nikon D500, 10-24mm lens.

Posted by Glen Fisher

Writer, photographer. Education and skills consultant.

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