Chasing the light in black and white

With the Natal Midlands behind us, we headed west, toward the northern Drakensberg, for the final three nights of our holiday meander. We’d booked ourselves a cottage at the Berg House, high on a hillside overlooking the magnificent Amphitheatre in the distance, up a winding dirt road that twisted and climbed and simply called out for the Land Rover. Not a place for city cars, for sure, but with careful driving we got up there, and were suitably rewarded.

Here is a shot of Rob, with the vast sweep of the Drakensberg before us; and here are three black and white images, taken on two different occasions while we were out walking.

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There is a tale here, to be told in another post: the tale of waiting for the light, at dusk and dawn, and being – well, a little disappointed. I’d been hoping for dramatic skies, towering clouds, the light brooding and magnificent, but what we got instead was harmony and tranquility – the sky pastel pale, the light calm and beneficent. Seems there’s no pleasing a photographer.

Here’s where we reach, instead, for images that will work in black and white, and let the old black and white drama perform its magic.


3 responses to “Chasing the light in black and white”

  1. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
    Mark Lafer Consulting

    They are all wonderful. However, the one that draws my eye consistently is the third, sarting with the color image of Rob: the vast, unopbstructed barren landcape


    1. Thanks Mark, glad you like ’em. I like the colour image too, for the same reasons.


  2. Thanks to all of you who ‘liked’ this post – it’s always nice to get feedback. Much appreciated.


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