Drakensberg Wrap

In previous posts I’ve shared a few images of the Drakensberg landscape, in the area around the Amphitheatre and the Royal Natal Park, both in colour and in black and white. This final post on our holiday last month focuses, instead, on what we did, and where we were.

We stayed, as I might have mentioned, at Berg View Cottages, high on a hill overlooking the distant Amphitheatre. The owners keep miniature horses, a source of infinite entertainment and delight to the children of a Dutch couple who were visiting. In the evening, hares came down from the hills and played, jinking and leaping, in the darkening field where, just a while earlier, we had been sitting watching the sunset.

The day before we left, we drove into the Royal Natal Park, beneath the Amphitheatre and found ourselves a guide from the village just across the river, who led us on a 45 minute hike up into the mountains to see the San rock art. Charming and considerate, as well as knowledgeable, he made the walk an absolute pleasure. It was so good to see someone from a local community enterprise making a productive living from the tourists, local and international, who drive daily past his village, in many cases with barely a glance, except to keep a wary eye on the goats and cattle – and pedestrians – who stray into the road.

On our last evening, I was out taking a few last photographs when, on the hill off to my left, I saw a herd of eland descending, followed after a while by another herd, this time of mountain reedbuck, who followed the fence down until they could turn into a field where there was sweet green grass, the land rejuvenated after a purging fire.

And then of course there was our final Drakensberg sundown, before we had to pack and return home.

Sundown, Drakensberg

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