Nirox Jazz Festival

A couple of months ago I posted a blog, with photographs, of the Winter Sculpture Exhibition at Nirox, in the Magaliesberg, a lovely spot folded into the hills about an hour north north-west of Johannesburg.

Just two or three weeks ago we were back, this time for the Nirox Jazz Festival, a harbinger of Spring, under appropriately sunny and warm conditions.

A large, white, floating cover, like a quilt of clouds, sheltered the crowd who gathered over the course of a lazy Sunday morning to listen to the music, on a green hillside that looked down onto a meandering stream across from which was a grassy knoll where, in the shade of some trees, musicians played. There was food, wine, champagne on offer, there was South Africa’s rainbow nation gathered to listen, there were African and Afro-American rhythms in the air, and there were the children of the rainbow nation happily playing – an escape, for a day, from South Africa’s grittier realities, and an absolute joy and pleasure.

It was my grandson Tom Tjasink’s first concert.

Here are some images.

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