O Canada (again)

On the first of the new month Rob leaves (again) for Canada, this time for three weeks, to take care of our house in Marchmount Road – essentially, to rent it out, now that Eve and Shaun and little Joshua have moved to a house of their own, and to see friends, take in an exhibit perhaps at the AGO, breathe in the Canadian air and, perchance, get a taste of early winter.

Our house here in Joburg will feel empty without her, but with the year just galloping along, in no time she’ll be back, followed closely by Jonathan, Hayley and wee Gabriel, visiting from the UK, and my mother, who will be coming up to join us for Christmas.

Jono en famille in fact fly out to SA on Monday, from Heathrow, and will be spending the next couple of weeks in the Cape, where I hope to hook up with them for dinner, before they head north to our little corner of reality.

So much for the news – the family stuff anyway (I am assiduously avoiding the political, which is nauseating – hey, so how are the rest of you doing, in Brexitworld, Trumpistan or, sadly, sadly, Catalonia?!). And for reading so far, here is a photograph – a rather bemusing image, to my eye anyway, taken from the gallery of the Kalk Bay Modern in Cape Town.


Gallery, Kalk Bay