Travel musings

I have written before about Laurens van der Post’s birthplace, Philippolis, in the Karoo – I mention it in fact in the ‘cover page’ to this blog, under the headline, ‘Beginnings’ – the place where I nearly was born, and nearly wasn’t born at all.

I refer to this again only because it was, I think, the last stopover that Rob and I made, back in 2011, on our final road trip to say goodbye to South Africa. We drove through the Karoo, as one has to, and I took only a very few photographs, perhaps because I didn’t want the lens to get between us and the moment. Or perhaps it was Rob who insisted we be present.

However it was, I offer these few images by way of buying some more time – time seems always to be in short supply, until there is no more of it. There are things to share, images to process and photographs still to be made – for example, this weekend, when we travel to Clarens, also in the Free State, with Jonathan and Hayley, and the newest of the three grandchildren, Gabriel, and Hayley’s mum and dad, and my own mum who turns 86 on the 3rd of December.

As I write this, I look out of the window, and hear and see the heavy rain storming down in torrents, and think of Rob who is landing later this evening, after a month in Toronto, and wonder what the roads will be like, when I drive out to meet her….

2 responses to “Travel musings”

  1. I both wish we were there – to enjoy the experience – and am glad that we are not, so as not to change the truly family-centered nature of the journey. I wish you an excellent adventure. And our best to all.


    1. Thanks – it will be rather special!


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