The fandamly at Golden Gate and Clarens

With the Christmas season upon us, it behoves us to send unto the world some family photos, so here they are, for your enjoyment.

4 responses to “The fandamly at Golden Gate and Clarens”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous pictures of the family! So good to be able to spend some time together. Have a wonderful Christmas 🎄❤️
    Happy Anniversary to you and Rob. Thinking back at this time I was looking for you at the airport and finally arriving in time for the wedding 👰🎩!
    Love to alll!


    1. Thanks Cynth 🙂 Love to you too


  2. I second all of the above, especially the anniversary wishes. Many more great family gatherings, perhaps with additional members, and the years of marriage during which you may enjoy them.


    1. Thank you sir. Best wishes to you and yours over the holiday season 🙂


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