Cape Vidal

Cape Vidal, within the St Lucia Marine Reserve, offers an expanse of beach facing the Indian Ocean, a pretty curve of bay, holiday accommodation, and what would seem, from the number of people you see wading into the surf with their rods, some pretty good surf fishing.

It was also, when we were there a few years ago, one of those curiously ‘white’ playgrounds, an anomaly in the rural African heartland – an echo, in a sense, albeit unlegislated, of the bad old days of apartheid.

Looking through my photographs of the Cape, I was struck by how the orange sand, deep blue sky, and white frothing surf offered a reminder of the old, unlamented South African flag, the ‘orange-blanje-blou’ of Afrikaner nationalism.

I have played up the effect, a little, in these images.

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