Photographing rhino

Photographing rhino, in my amateur experience, can be a challenge. Mostly the problem is finding them in the first place, and when you do see them they tend to be just standing around, galumphing great hulks, or snoozing in the shade of a tree, where the light is awful.

If you’re a pro, you wait for the right moment – and waiting can mean a long, long time, before something interesting happens. When you’re not a pro, just someone like me, you’re either driving, with limited time at your disposal, or you’re on a game drive, which means someone else is driving, and there are a whole lot of others with you, who want to look, snap a picture, and get a move on.

So I was really glad to get these two, contrasting images, one somnolent, the other full of energy and movement, and work them up in black and white. They were taken during our visit to the St Lucia Wetlands, but across the road as it were, in the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve, a mere 45 minutes from the town itself.

It’s worth a visit.

3 responses to “Photographing rhino”

  1. Stunning! That first guy looks as if he’s ready to charge. You truly captured his total personality in this one.

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  2. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
    Mark Lafer Consulting

    Right you are. When I was acting as the staff photographer for a local ballet company, part of my role was getting publicity shots for performance promotions. I would show up rehearsal after rehearsal, check locations, lighting, and best subject placement options. Then starting with the first rehearsal in costume, with sets, I would shoot. Rolls of 35mm and 2-and-a-1/4. For the one frame to use.

    Versus, e.g., shooting the coast of Islay (inner Hebrides) from the stern of a ferry, pitching in rough seas and light rain.


    1. Never a dull moment…


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