Posted by Glen Fisher

Writer, photographer. Education and skills consultant.


  1. I was able to watch part of the ceremony on CNN this morning. Bolstered my hope for the the post-Trump future of the nation.



    1. That there is goodness and greatness in America, I do not doubt. I have seen it for myself. But the nihilism and vacuity of American politics, the deceitfulness and amorality of the Republicans in particular, strike this (proudly, gratefully) non-American as a the very opposite of American exceptionalism, a parody of America’s narcissistic view of itself as ‘a city on a hill.’

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  2. Stunning! Very proud of the Obamas as being part of my history. They certainly are missed in our current situation. President Obama & First Lady, Michelle Obama brought a dignity & integrity to the White House. ❤️😻



    1. Couldn’t agree more!



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