Cape Town Harbour

Here is an image, of Cape Town harbour, looking towards the old Customs House and the red Clock Tower and the open sea beyond, that gives me pleasure. The composition is simple, conventional, but to my eye satisfying in its calm regularity. But it is the light that excites – the cloudiness in the sky, the lyrical reflections, remind me of a watercolour, while the quay and the yacht and the buildings across the water have the precision of a photograph.

To my eye, anyway – you may see it differently!

Shot with the Leica D-Lux.

Toward the Clock Tower, Cape Town Harbour

5 responses to “Cape Town Harbour”

  1. You can see beyond the horizon. Stunning!


    1. Thanks! glad you like 🙂


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  3. […] I would think nothing of putting the kids in the car and driving from Umtata or Johannesburg to Cape Town, a distance of some 1300 kilometres, in twelve or fourteen hours, leaving at four a.m. and arriving […]


  4. […] I make a more leisurely start, knowing I have an easy three-and-a-half hour’s drive, dropping down from the dry stark plateau into the sudden green of the Hex River Valley, through the high magical kloofs that descend into Wellington, climbing again to the Du Toits Kloof tunnel, before the final descent and the waves upon waves of vine-clad hills that fall through the outlying suburbs into the city of Cape Town. […]


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