Two giraffe and a European bee-eater

Those of you who saw my recent FaceBook post (I’m a bit ashamed to be using FaceBook right now, given the nasty political business it’s been enabling – but on the other hand, perhaps FaceBook is appropriate, given the nastiness I’m about to mention) will know that I was – thanks, Mark, for the clarification – robbed last week, in the Pretoria CBD, across the road from the National Treasury.

Apart from my iPhone, nothing was lost or injured other than my dignity, which at this stage of my life doesn’t bother me too much, and my sense of personal safety and security which – again, at this stage of my life – concerns me rather more seriously.

Other than that bit of nastiness, and the nastiness that is going on in the world in general (don’t let me even get started about that essence of nastiness, the orange buffoon and vulgar know-nothing in the White House) life has reverted to what passes for normal – Rob and I have been out to the movies (saw Annette Benning yesterday in ‘Film Stars don’t die in Liverpool’ – fabulous!), out for lunch and a browse around the Maboneng Precinct, out for breakfast yesterday at a cool little place, the Milk Bar, which is just a short walk from us.

And, I have found time, and the peace of mind, to make a few photographs. Here are two, of giraffe at Marakele, processed in Lightroom and in Silver Efex Pro, and a beautiful little European bee-eater, which I simply had to process in colour – Lightroom again, and Colour Efex Pro.

All shot with the Nikon D500 and 70-300mm.

2 responses to “Two giraffe and a European bee-eater”

  1. Stunning photos of the giraffe. Glad you shot the Bee Keeper in color as it brings out the best of his plumage!


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