A grandparent with a camera has one overriding mission as a photographer – to photograph the grandchildren. But what do you do when you have, from just one visit, a bucket-full of photos?

You dip in, as if you are fishing for little silver fish in a child’s bucket at the seaside, and you get hold of just one, and give it the treatment.

And then, when you have time, you go back and snag a few more, one batch at a time, until you have found and brought into the light the very shiniest and prettiest of them.

Here is the first one….

Tom # 1

Posted by Glen Fisher

Writer, photographer. Education and skills consultant.


  1. And you’ll be great at cateloguing the Other 501 photos we don’t see. It’s the Iconic ones we remember.





  2. He is truly beautiful! ❤️😻👶



  3. We get to meet his cousins soon: Gabriel on May 26 and Joshua on July 20. Now if we could figure out a way to complete the set. They are all so wonderful.

    So definitely, keep the images coming!



    1. Kind words. Thank you 🙂



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