A grandparent with a camera has one overriding mission as a photographer – to photograph the grandchildren. But what do you do when you have, from just one visit, a bucket-full of photos?

You dip in, as if you are fishing for little silver fish in a child’s bucket at the seaside, and you get hold of just one, and give it the treatment.

And then, when you have time, you go back and snag a few more, one batch at a time, until you have found and brought into the light the very shiniest and prettiest of them.

Here is the first one….

Tom # 1

8 responses to “Tom”

  1. And you’ll be great at cateloguing the Other 501 photos we don’t see. It’s the Iconic ones we remember.




  2. He is truly beautiful! ❤️😻👶


  3. We get to meet his cousins soon: Gabriel on May 26 and Joshua on July 20. Now if we could figure out a way to complete the set. They are all so wonderful.

    So definitely, keep the images coming!


    1. Kind words. Thank you 🙂


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