Three countries, three grandsons

Well, I am back in SA, after an all-too-brief visit to the UK and Canada. Rob isn’t. Instead she is in the US, visiting family, and still in the process of sorting out our house in Toronto, damaged in last month’s ice-storm, and dealing with the very sad loss of her nephew, Kevin.

It has been a strange kind of trip, in a way – lovely to see old friends (Mike, down in Kent, and the potluck gang on our visit to Toronto), my son and my daughter and their wonderful partners in London UK and Woodbridge, Ontario; wonderful just to wander down Queen Street in Toronto and feel at home again, and lucky to be Canadian) but tempered with tasks, errands, interruptions, and family disasters.

The time with family and friends was the best, and seeing the grandchildren (three countries, three grandsons, if I count this Saturday in Johannesburg, wallowing in cake and cookies at Tom Tjasink’s first birthday party) made it all worthwhile.

You get to this point in your life, and this is what matters, really – friends and family, and children especially.

Some photos from the trip and from Tom’s birthday party – including Kathy’s fabulous birthday cake.

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2 responses to “Three countries, three grandsons”

  1. Lucky gent, you are. So far, we have managed only the Londoner – such a spectacular chap. We have a plan to add a second, in Canada, in July.

    In one respect, you are too modest: not just three countries, three continents!


    1. Lucky me, indeed šŸ™‚


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