Madikwe Elephants – Seven Images

Towards the end of our game drive, one evening at Madikwe, we pulled up on the opposite side of a large waterhole, across the water, and watched as a herd of elephants with their babies trooped in, and frolicked and drank, and then, on some invisible signal, turned and filed off again, as the sky turned from pink to purple and the shadows deepened.

4 responses to “Madikwe Elephants – Seven Images”

  1. These pics truly show the intricate family life of these majestic animals! Stunning!


  2. […] images of Madikwe giraffe are a digression, I know, from our travels through France – and after France, there […]


  3. […] I have lent her when there is a specific subject to be addressed. You can’t really take wildlife pictures on a phone, but you can take great pictures on a Nikon DSLR with a telephoto […]


  4. […] Madikwe is my happy place, my daughter likes to say. And indeed, when we arrived at our lodge at Mooifontein, the week before last, all the cares in the world seemed to just fall away. The four hour cruise up the N4 from Johannesburg, the half hour drive along dirt roads through the reserve, the welcoming committee of elephants at the waterhole, not to mention the fact that we were footloose and fancy-free and away from it all in the midst of a working week all combined to make the air seem sweeter, the daylight sparkle, the space seem endless. That the rain had stopped and the rain clouds lifted seemed a benediction and promise. […]


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