My wife said, on reading my Last Post, ‘It looks like you’re telling the whole world you’re impotent. And you’re not.’

Bless her. Impartial, naturally, and blunt (Polish Catholic American Canadian), I have to agree with her. There is no impotence here. Impotence is absent. But let me tell you what there’s lots of – as I crest the hill of 65, and open my lungs and breathe deeply – there’s Gasworks. In one end, and out the other, oh yeah baby – the machinery might be starting to creak, at sixty five, but the gasworks is just getting started. Just firing up, so to speak.

You lose some things, you discover others.

4 thoughts on “Impotence and Gasworks

    1. Precisely 🙂 Male aches and anxieties look quite different from her end of the telescope: ‘there’s nothing wrong with you, silly. You’re just fine.’ Which I am, but isn’t the point.

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