Impotence and Gasworks

My wife said, on reading my Last Post, ‘It looks like you’re telling the whole world you’re impotent. And you’re not.’

Bless her. Impartial, naturally, and blunt (Polish Catholic American Canadian), I have to agree with her. There is no impotence here. Impotence is absent. But let me tell you what there’s lots of – as I crest the hill of 65, and open my lungs and breathe deeply – there’s Gasworks. In one end, and out the other, oh yeah baby – the machinery might be starting to creak, at sixty five, but the gasworks is just getting started. Just firing up, so to speak.

You lose some things, you discover others.

Travelling through life without a map

4 thoughts on “Impotence and Gasworks

    • Precisely πŸ™‚ Male aches and anxieties look quite different from her end of the telescope: ‘there’s nothing wrong with you, silly. You’re just fine.’ Which I am, but isn’t the point.

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