What’s in the can?

Of course there are no longer ‘cans’ but still, you never really know, do you, what you’ve managed to capture on a day out in the field, shooting moving objects – birds, in this case – until you’ve got back home and uploaded your images into Lightroom on your Mac.

I’ve just been scrolling through a ream of photos in my camera, deleting the obvious duds and misfires, and Lightroom is busily ingesting the rest. But I can say, I think, with genuine pleasure, that there are some lovely images from my day in the country, at the Marievale Bird Sanctuary.

Look out for ‘coot’ coot chicks, pied kingfishers hovering, and more.

It will take a while to further sort, select, and process them – and I am, in any case, without wifi, as my fibre ‘supplier’ has decided it has not been paid – when of course it has, and in buckets of gold.

Tomorrow I shall have to spend a happy hour sorting the wifi out. But because I have cellular data on my iPad, I can send you this post, and alert you to what’s coming.

Photographically, I mean.