Sacred Ibis

On my left, as I drove slowly onto the causeway that crosses the marsh, was an expanse of dry reeds. Amongst the reeds, away in the distance, was an African Sacred Ibis, going about its business.

Some of you may not see the point of this photograph – it’s not the conventional “portrait,” nor does it give you an up-close view of the bird in its environment.

But for me, you see, this is exactly what I wanted to show: not just the bird in its environment, but the ibis as part of the same flat, two-dimensional space. I am also attracted to the grey charcoal dashes of the reeds, licked about with orange tongues of flame.

Sacred Ibis and Reeds

4 responses to “Sacred Ibis”

  1. Your intent was clear both in words and execution. Too many expect images to reflect their parochial perspectives. Only by staying true to your purpose will they come to adapt. Bravo, sir.


    1. Well, I really appreciate the response. I thought to myself, as I was taking the image, and imagining how I would present it, ‘I’m not sure how many people will get this image, or like it.’ But I do. Glad to see I’m not alone.


  2. Remarkable and most memorable photo.


    1. Thanks Ian, appreciate the feedback. Wasn’t sure others would see the image as I did!


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