Sangria, Limonada, Sevilla

When you have friends visiting from Germany, as we do – friends my wife hasn’t seen for twenty years, friends I have never met – you will understand, perhaps, why my series of posts on our trip to Spain has come to a (temporary) standstill. Throw in the pressures of work and business travel, plus the insouciance of age (I don’t have to do this; I’ll do this when I want to) you have the perfect narrative, if you need one, to show why I did not post on the weekend, as I usually do – and why this post is simply a stake in the ground, to say I will get round to this.

Here is one image, though, which to my mind captures one of the many essences of Sevilla – oranges, sangria, limonada, a shady bar off a tiny plaza, inviting you in out of the midday sun, promising refreshment.

Sangria, Limonada

2 responses to “Sangria, Limonada, Sevilla”

  1. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
    Mark Lafer Consulting

    Muy bueno!


    1. Gracias!


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