Santa Cruz, Sevilla

My guidebook – the estimable DK Eyewitness Travel volume on Spain – says of the Santa Cruz district of Sevilla that it represents Seville ‘at its most romantic and compact.’ I would agree. A maze of narrow alleys and quiet plazas, Santa Cruz was once a Jewish ghetto, but now is a tourist mecca – the cross-cultural pun intended. The neighbourhood is almost too pretty, almost too touristy – and yet it manages somehow to maintain a sense of reality, of life as it is still lived and enjoyed, in an old quarter of the city. You can’t afford to miss it.

Here are four images.

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3 responses to “Santa Cruz, Sevilla”

  1. Beautiful. Just as Spain should be.


  2. A common thread in the three most recent posts about Spain, combined with comments by tour guides at every stop on our cruise last spring through Central Europe, are like a grain of sand in my shoe: Jews used to live here. The past cannot be undone. I believe in forgiveness. However, I am not sincerely convinced that it cannot happen again.


    1. Tragic but true. On all counts.


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