Real Alcazar, Seville – Water Series

8 responses to “Real Alcazar, Seville – Water Series”

  1. These Alcazars in Spain are a photographers dream, not visited this one, but Alcazabar in. Alana is a favourite


    1. Thanks for your comment. Will look up Alana 🙂


      1. Oh dear, autocorrect gone mad, should say Malaga 😂😂


        1. Ah, Malaga! Did not make it to Malaga on this trip but it’s on the list….


  2. Brilliant place and photos


    1. Thanks Ian – Seville is stunning, to use a cliche 🙂


  3. A few more photos from Sevilla, including the occasional naughty bits, and we will not need to travel there! Except they make it so attractive that we must!


    1. Ohh, travel you must! But glad you like the photos.


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