One of the best decisions we made on our trip to Spain was to head off the main road from Sevilla to Ronda, and take a detour through the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazalema. The ‘park’ is an area of wild beauty, rugged, steep, sheer, spectacular, dotted with isolated farmsteads and whitewashed pueblos blancos – the roads making for some nail-biting driving, the countryside for some dramatic photos.

Here is the road leading into – or out of – Grazalema. The farmer was tending his pigs a few kilometres outside and a couple of hundred metres below the village.



3 thoughts on “In the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazalema

  1. Taking advice – “get off the Interstate…,” from the 1991 romantic comedy, “Doc Hollywood,” we have routinely avoided the Interstate, the main roads of the US, except when schedule-necessitated. Always rewarding. Apparently, it worked spectacularly for you and Rob.

    Keep on rolling, shooting, and sharing, please.

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