Cordoba Portfolio, in colour and monochrome

This portfolio of black and white images of Cordoba includes one image in colour – a quiet corner, two buildings intersecting, and a tree and its shadow intermingled. And then there is that splash of red, like blood…. I could have done it in monochrome, but suffused as it is with the afternoon light it just wouldn’t let me. And that dramatic splatter of red, of course, would have been lost.

The other images, when seen in colour, are essentially representation – ‘this is what it looks like’ – whereas the monochrome, to my eye at least, allows for interpretation and expression.

I hope you enjoy them – both the black and white and the colour. See what you think.

8 responses to “Cordoba Portfolio, in colour and monochrome”

  1. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
    Mark Lafer Consulting

    I definitely endorse your decision on the first image. Even more than the shadows, etc., I find the effect of the structural discontinuity, going from left to right, creates a fascinatingly surreal effect.


    1. Thanks Mark. I have to say I love this image, tho I can’t exactly say why. I find it infinitely absorbing – not bragging, just saying how it draws me in, almost despite myself.


  2. Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing!


  3. The colours in the Shadows photo are entirely beautiful. Can I order a biggish print somehow?


    1. Would love to make a print for you. The photo printer that I left behind when I went to Canada has seized up solidly (the print-heads, that is) and I am trying a whole bag of tricks to unglue it. If I succeed, I can make you a print myself. If that doesn’t work, I could send you the file and you could get it printed at a professional photographic printer’s in Cape Town (they have such places in Toronto – I would assume/hope that they have them here!


  4. […] a good idea to circumnavigate before you enter: wander the surrounding streets, catch glimpses of the spire from narrow alleyways or see it from up high, from the old stone towers of the Alcazar de los Reyes […]


  5. […] Mezquita in Cordoba, I wrote in a recent post, is a Christian cathedral emerging from the ribs of a Moorish mosque […]


  6. […] what do you do on your last night in Cordoba? You wander the streets, of course, stopping off here for a drink, there for something to nibble […]


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