La Mezquita, Cordoba – a photographic portfolio

La Mezquita in Cordoba, I wrote in a recent post, is a Christian cathedral emerging from the ribs of a Moorish mosque – and it is precisely this amalgam and emergence, this blending and superceding, that I find so infinitely absorbing and rewarding, such fertile soil for the kind of historical imagining and understanding that we need so badly in an age that seems, at least in its politics, so partisan and diminished, so limited and narrow.

In these images, Moorish arches frame and reveal Christian figures and motifs; different ages and tastes are overlaid; a place of worship becomes a human record.

And they interest me, these photographs, not merely as records, but as meditations of a sort. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

9 responses to “La Mezquita, Cordoba – a photographic portfolio”

  1. Breathtaking place and pictures. Whew.


    1. Thanks Ian. I always appreciate your feedback 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated!


  3. […] better way to say good night – and goodbye – to Cordoba’s La Mezquita, than to pause, in the street, as her moonlit steeple reaches up into the night sky from above a […]


  4. Of all the Spanish sites that you have shown us, this will be our #1 must see. You well convey a sense of of overwhelming scope, beauty, and history.


    1. You will love it, I’m sure.


  5. All of these colorful images invoke a sense of calm over the viewer. Beautifully captured on film. ❤️


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