Night, Puente Romano, with La Mezquita in the background

Puente Romano with La Mezquita in the background

Two weeks’ discovery of Spain – first Madrid, then Sevilla, Ronda, Granada, ends in Cordoba, in some ways the most subtly engaging place of them all – and the few days in Cordoba end, in turn, as they should, with the warm stone of the Puente Romano under our feet, moonlight over the Guadalquivir River, the glowing mass of La Mezquita bright against a velvet sky.

7 responses to “Night, Puente Romano, with La Mezquita in the background”

  1. You truly captured the moment perfectly.


    1. Thanks Cynth – it was a magical and romantic moment!


  2. You’ve outdone yourself with these beautiful pictures


    1. Thanks Ian – I’m glad you like ’em. Must say I am quite pleased with them myself 🙂


  3. Splendid photos! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks – glad you like them!


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