Cava and tapas at the Mercado de San Miguel

Cava and tapas at the Mercado de San Miguel – could there be a more perfect way to celebrate the end of a fabulous trip to Spain than in Madrid, a stone’s throw away from the Plaza Mayor, washing down olives and shrimp and delicacies galore with some fine pink fizz?

Two weeks on the road, and we had come to our journey’s end – tired, tanned, sweaty and footsore, but more than content.

Would we do this again – visit Spain, I mean? Are you kidding! We’d be back in a heartbeat.

Would we do it the same way? Well, yes and no. By the time we were done we were done, if you know what I mean: just a wee bit too much scrambling, from city to to town to pueblos blancos. Next time we’d probably do less, and stay for longer in each place we visit – yet at the same time, neither of us can think of any place we would have left out, at least on this first visit (for Rob) to Madrid, and our first visit to Andalucia.

And next time, I imagine, we would want to explore other parts of the country – Barcelona, obviously, but also places like Bilbao (to take one end of the country) or Malaga (at the other). And always, I imagine, we’d stop for a few days in Madrid – and for cava and tapas at the Mercado de San Miguel.

2 responses to “Cava and tapas at the Mercado de San Miguel”

    1. Ok, let’s do this again!


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