The Kroukamps in Canada

Eve and Shaun and Joshua are doing well, in their new lives in Canada. I have this on good authority (my own) after a too-short stay at the Kroukamp pile in Woodbridge, Ontario, on the outskirts of Toronto, where Rob and I spent the Easter weekend before repairing downtown to meet up with friends and take care of some errands and shopping.

Joshua, needless to say, is a little firecracker, full of beans, bursting with smiles and laughter, not to mention the occasional, inevitable howls of frustration and outrage. He is not quite three yet – huggable and adorable.

Easter Sunday, as everybody knows, is Easter Bunny Day, and the Bunny made a good job of it, as these photographs show. Josh’s reaction, though, was interesting. The grown-ups all assumed, I suspect, that he would plunge into the basket of Easter eggs and start gorging immediately – but no. He was almost shy about it, a little overwhelmed – for several minutes he eyed the basket cautiously, circled it, examined it from various angles as he tentatively drew closer – and then, extremely delicately, extracted the smallest of eggs, and held it up to us with a fey little smile of pleasure.

Easter eggs and breakfast called for a walk, so off we headed for a 6 km tramp through the Kortright Centre, a conservation area just down the road.

Though the weather was a grey, and a little chilly, and the paths in part were wet and slithery underfoot, there were glimpses of bright leaves catching the light in the woodlands, and lichens clinging like barnacles to logs, that made for one or two half-decent images.

It was good to see how contented and close Eve and Shaun seemed – working too hard, the strain and exhaustion showing a little, yet very much a happy and thriving young family, making a go of it, in a new country.

We reconnected the following weekend, at a gathering of friends in Hamilton – ‘Steeltown’ – and spent the Saturday night and Sunday morning (yes, there is an English novel of the late 1950s of that name, for those of you old enough to remember) before Shaun dropped us off downtown again, on Spadina, for a meet up with Boyd and a last night together before I headed home, via Zurich, on the Monday evening. Rob follows in a fortnight.

Here, to close off this post, is a photograph of the whole gang of us – three generations, young and old. Well, not old really, but getting up there.

3 responses to “The Kroukamps in Canada”

  1. What lovely family photos! Looks like fun was had by all.can’t get over how big Joshua is!


  2. Mark Lafer Consulting Avatar
    Mark Lafer Consulting

    I heartily second every expressed sentiment!


  3. […] from Toronto, Jonnie and Hayley were visiting from the UK, Eve and Shaun had not yet emigrated to Canada, Kath had come down from Johannesburg, my sister Laura from Durban, and my mom had joined the merry […]


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