‘SH’ at Seabreeze, Bree Street, Cape Town

I couldn’t resist sharing this one shot, taken from our table outside on the pavement at a great seafood restaurant, Seabreeze on Bree Street close to the Bo-Kaap area in Cape Town: a sash window propped up with an empty bottle of good Cape bubbly, the couple in conversation inside, and ‘SH’ telling us all to mind our own business….

[click to enlarge]

6 responses to “‘SH’ at Seabreeze, Bree Street, Cape Town”

  1. The bottle’s not empty! ;0)


  2. No it’s not. This was an elaborate psychological experiment to test who would actually verify the bottle’s contents, and you passed with flying colours! The reward is that you get to fly with me to France, where we will drink ‘real’ bubbly!


  3. Good one Glen. Thanks for the tip. We’ll try the place in October.!


  4. Great shot!!


    1. Thank you!


  5. […] Which comes, I guess, from a farm somewhere, or many farms, some of them close by and others in far, exotic lands, flown in by air, trailing not clouds of glory as in William Blake’s poem but carbon emissions and … oh, dear, there I go again. Must be something in the water, though in this water scarce country, not to mention incompetence and misgovernment, even a reliable water supply can’t be taken for granted. Ask Cape Town. […]


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