Taken in colour, these images of Tom, my grandson, with his father Gareth, are simply family photos – records of a moment, albeit a rather special moment, in Plaisance, France. But transformed into black-and-white, they become something else, at least to my mind – no longer family snaps but, hopefully, portraits, reflecting not only appearance but emotion.

See what you think [and remember to click on the images to enlarge].

2 responses to “Tom”

  1. Great pictures.
    I find that I often don’t think of using black and white. Until a blogger like yourself comes along and reminds me … .


    1. Thanks for the feedback and comment. I love black-and-white, so I find myself constantly thinking, as I plan a photo, whether it will make a good black and white image, or would work better in colour. Of course, with digital, you can always change your mind 🙂


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