Madikwe Game Reserve – Giraffe against the Skyline

These images of Madikwe giraffe are a digression, I know, from our travels through France – and after France, there is still Istanbul to process and show – but when you are travelling light, digressions are allowed, if not in fact the real pleasure of the trip.

So we will return to France, I promise, and after France we will take a peek too at Istanbul – but coming so freshly from our four wonderful nights away in another world altogether, the world of the giraffe, the elephant, the rhino, the leopard and lion and yes, the cheetah, I simply have to make this detour and share some of my Madikwe images.

We came upon these giraffe, tall and quizzical against the skyline, late one afternoon, as the light was beginning to soften, and their shapes, their movement, their elegant ungainliness, made for some memorable images – starting with this one.

Remember to click on the images to enlarge.

While this image simply demanded an interpretation in black-and-white, it is colour that captures the warmth of the light in the images that follow.

Although, of course, there is always something to be said, again, for the old B&W!

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