Where sheep do graze, Aveyron

Aveyron is Rocquefort country, the country where Lacaune sheep crowd together, grazing, on the steepest of green-clad hillsides.

We saw these in the valley far below, from the road out of Plaisance, as we made our way to the plateau above en route to Albi.

As you will see, I have processed one of these images, the closer view, in colour, and the wider, landscape image in black-and-white. I could have done both of them in colour, or in black-and-white – either way, both have their appeal for me, although, if I am honest, it is the wider landscape, in monochrome, that to my mind has more atmosphere, and more, perhaps, of a sense of place.

As always, click on the images to enlarge.

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2 thoughts on “Where sheep do graze, Aveyron

  1. Thanks Lynette – I appreciate your comments. As you will understand from your own experience, bringing out those tones and textures, when the image is by and large a series of greens and some yellows, took some careful work in Lightroom. So I’m glad you enjoyed 🙂

  2. I love the tones and textures of the black and white version. For some reason a previous comment came out as anonymous!

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