L’Eglise Romane St Martin at Plaisance

The 12th century L’Eglise Romane St Martin dominates not only the small village of Plaisance in Aveyron but the surrounding valleys. No matter from where you approach the village, it seems, there is the squat Norman tower atop its hillside, holding dominion.

We visited on a bright, sunny day – blue skies, green hillsides – but it was the brute, stark power of the building, the brooding severity of its Catholicism, the way the church and the church graveyard seemed to hold sway over both the dead and the living that captured my imagination and led to these photographs. In black and white, of course.

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6 thoughts on “L’Eglise Romane St Martin at Plaisance

  1. Dominance is true – brutally true if history is to be believed… little comfort for sinners and well-behaved alike! Thanks for great pics.

    • Thanks for your feedback. This is very much what I was trying to show, in the black-and-white images – a sense of brooding severity. Appreciate your comment.

    • Thank you – appreciate your feedback. It is rather a lovely little church, in a beautiful and quite remote corner of France….

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