The River Rance at Plaisance

The River Rance flows in a wide, shallow loop around the village of Plaisance, as if the village were a head asleep in the crook of an arm. We went down to the river, one afternoon; the day had been hot and Tom and Gabriel were in in a flash.

Stones, fish, and deep tranquil pools kept them happy for what seemed like, and might have been, eternity.

Tom, being Tom, was fearless of course – impervious to the cold, up to his neck in the water, chortling, shouting, and thrashing about like a veritable water-baby.

I love these images – there is something about the golden light, the deep greens and browns, that call for colour. But the black-and-white (as always) offers something different – a more contemplative moment, possibly? These two pictures, by the way, also say something about the two little personalities – Tom, physical, exuberant, Gabriel quieter, more immersed in the moment.

Travelling through life without a map

6 thoughts on “The River Rance at Plaisance

  1. Lovely to see the little people. Tom is Kathy and Gareth’s chap and Gabriel Jonathan’s?? And as always beautiful pictures…
    Thanks Glen


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