The River Rance at Plaisance

The River Rance flows in a wide, shallow loop around the village of Plaisance, as if the village were a head asleep in the crook of an arm. We went down to the river, one afternoon; the day had been hot and Tom and Gabriel were in in a flash.

Stones, fish, and deep tranquil pools kept them happy for what seemed like, and might have been, eternity.

Tom, being Tom, was fearless of course – impervious to the cold, up to his neck in the water, chortling, shouting, and thrashing about like a veritable water-baby.

I love these images – there is something about the golden light, the deep greens and browns, that call for colour. But the black-and-white (as always) offers something different – a more contemplative moment, possibly? These two pictures, by the way, also say something about the two little personalities – Tom, physical, exuberant, Gabriel quieter, more immersed in the moment.

6 responses to “The River Rance at Plaisance”

  1. What beautiful photos of these beautiful children!


    1. Thank you Katherine! Nice of you to comment, and glad you’ve had a look at my blog. Hope you are well.


  2. Lovely, text as well as pictures.


    1. Thanks Ian. Appreciate your comments as always.


  3. Lovely to see the little people. Tom is Kathy and Gareth’s chap and Gabriel Jonathan’s?? And as always beautiful pictures…
    Thanks Glen



    1. Quite right – Tom is Kathy’s, Gabriel Jonathan’s. Glad you like the pictures 🙂


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