Istanbul’s Hakki Zade 1864, palace of earthly delights

Baklava, Turkish Delight, tea, coffee, pastries – Istanbul’s Hakki Zade 1864 is a place – a palace – of earthly delights.

And I love this image, which I took from outside, of a man ordering from the counter, with the reflections of the street in the window above him.

It seems a good image to share on this last day of the old year – 2019 – and last day of the old, troubled decade, the twenty-tens – a way of saying, life is good, despite the endless nastiness and distraction of the news cycle, the numbing barrage of the social media that, ten years ago, barely registered in our consciousness and now, unless we are constantly on guard, threatens to diminish and consume it.

Life is good; live it it well, live it to the full. Live while you’re alive.

Happy New Year everybody; welcome to the 2020s.

2 responses to “Istanbul’s Hakki Zade 1864, palace of earthly delights”

  1. Beautifully put and illustrated, Glen. Happy ‘twenties to you and Rob.


    1. Happy 20s to you and Pam, too, Ian. All the best.


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