Mausoleums of the Sultans – Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

In the grounds of the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul are the exquisite mausoleums of three Sultans – Mahmut I, Murat III and Selim II.

Here are three images, in black-and-white, that express something I hope of what I saw and felt.

A woman at prayer, a sleeping cat, a pair of shoes by an entrance.

Deliberately not the usual touristy images, I hope they evoke something of the sense of place, of time and timelessness, history and the sacred.

With a touch of humour, perhaps, provided by the cat.

4 responses to “Mausoleums of the Sultans – Hagia Sofia, Istanbul”

  1. The juxtaposition of grandeur and the everyday is most memorable. Many thanks.


    1. Thanks as always Ian 🙂 Appreciate your feedback.


  2. The stark contrast of each subject or item in the surroundings is stunning! Love the cat pic and would like a copy! ❤️😻


    1. Thanks Cynth! I must say I am quite pleased with these images. Have sent you a copy of the cat picture 🙂


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