The Bosphorus Ferry

For a couple of weeks now I have been meaning to post these images from a ferry ride up the Bosphorus – there are plenty of sight-seeing trips you can book, to explore Istanbul from the water, but the ferry is the simplest and most affordable, offering a two-hour round-trip from Eminonu by the Galata Bridge for a really quite nominal sum.

But February was a crazy month, and there will be not much let-up until May, at least. Time and energy to catch up with this blog have been a little lacking, and besides, what little time and energy I have been able to muster has gone, instead, into setting up an account on Flickr and figuring out how to set up the right kind of albums to display my photographs.

Here is a link, by the way – please do head on over to Flickr and take a look – even better, sign up to ‘follow’ and receive my updates 🙂

The fact is, I have been looking for some time for the right platform to exhibit my photographs – more and more, I am drawn to photography as a means of discovery and expression – and Flickr seems to be the right jumping-off point to try and build a bit more of a profile as a photographer, and hopefully achieve a bit more exposure than has been possible with this blog.

The blog takes time to write, when sometimes all I want to do is display my photographs. But it serves a different purpose – not so much of getting my words out to the universe (who wants to read the ramblings of some old dude anyway) but to friends and family, and a few brave souls (thank you all!) who take the time to follow my meanderings.

The waters of the Bosphorus are crazy busy!

So, with all that said, back to the ferry!

It’s a great trip, zig-zagging from one bank of the Bosphorus to the other, passing by palaces and villages, offering intimate glimpses of local lives and local places, all unperturbed by the huge cargo ships ploughing their way north, or the busy fleets of smaller craft zipping along the shore. A study in contrasts, too, the ancient and historical framed by the soaring construct of the Bosphorus Bridge suspended across the water.

As always, click on the images to enlarge, and then scroll through.

On the return leg, you head toward the mouth of the Bosphorus again, and you see the beautiful Leander’s Tower in the middle of the channel, and a huge vessel bearing down at speed upon you…. Time to head back to shore, and the steep climb up the hill to the hotel.

Let me know what you think – comments and feedback are always welcome!

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