Staying Home during the Lockdown – Day 10

It is Day 10 of the Covid-19 lockdown, here in South Africa, and autumn is in the air in Johannesburg. It has been an intense week of work, and the calm and quiet are strangely welcome. I say strangely, because the times are not normal, and we stay home not by choice but because we have to.

Outside, the reported number of Coronavirus cases has reached 1585, with nine deaths so far.

It would be nice to think that we are flattening the curve, but that seems optimistic. There have been projections, apparently, that cases may only peak in June, and that we could be in lockdown till August. Not something I wish to contemplate, not at this moment.

Last night I cooked up a storm, duck breasts with a spicy cherry sauce, made with dried cherries that our friends Lisa and Klaus brought us from Germany, in what seems right now another era. Fluffy and crisp baked potatoes, peas, and a lovely and perfectly matched Bouchard Finlayson Pinot Noir, a 2014, made for a perfect meal and a relaxing and happy evening.

We are very aware how lucky we are, and we are grateful.

Today I have found peace and fulfilment working on some images from our visits to the Marievale Bird Sanctuary, which I hope will give you at least some of the pleasure I have had in making them.

6 responses to “Staying Home during the Lockdown – Day 10”

  1. Great photos, Glen, with almost painful reminders of the natural world (outside the back garden). Strength to you and Rob in these weird times.


    1. Thank you Ian. Good to hear from you as always – hope you both are finding some peace and solace amidst all this.


  2. Hello Glen, are you still in contact with John Balden Bentley? I’d like to know if you have his email address as I’d like to contact him. I’m interested in purchasing his photography but I can’t seem to find a website for him or a representation. You had posted about his photography many many years ago and I’m not sure if he’s still represented. I know that this is a very strange request and very strange way to connect with you but I’m really sorry I just couldn’t find an email address for you to connect with. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs and looking at all the great photos you take. I wish you continued well being and joy in taking pictures!


    1. Hello Riley, thanks for your kind comments. Appreciate your interest in my blog and photos. John can be contacted through his wife Norah Wakula, at . John’s images are amazing!


      1. Hi Glen! Thank you so much for helping! Your photographs around the world are very uplifting! Hang in there and when travel becomes safe perhaps we’ll be reading and viewing about your other adventures. Continued all good things!


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