A Biden Hope

The great thing about Canada, Canadians will tell you, is that it’s so boring. No big drama, no insurrections on the steps of Parliament, no QAnon lunatics impeaching the prime minister, and no prime minister, for that matter, doing his damndest to overthrow a legitimate election. Just law, order and good government.

It’s national news when a moose crosses the road in Bobcaygeon.

So it is in this spirit that I want to applaud the entirely boring Inauguration Speech by President Joe Biden in the US this week. Honesty and truth? Boring! Common decency, consideration for others? Boring! Stopping a pandemic? Boring! Tackling climate change? Boring, boring boring!!!

Mind you, one unintended benefit of these four golden years of the Trump era is that the US has shown – nakedly, garishly, like a Brueghel painting, or Hogarth’s depictions of a gin-sodden London – exactly what a fetid state of corruption and misgovernment actually looks like.

Some other states that I can think of are no more virtuous; the difference being that they are better at hiding it. Extra-judicial killings, surveillance, disappearances, the gulags and even ordinary, institutionalised every-day lies and evasion can work wonders.

But the US, bless it, has as always been a shining example. Look at your ex-President, Americans, and think what you have given those of us poor benighted souls who live in ‘shithole’ countries – which I assume includes places like Norway and New Zealand. You have shown us the ugliness and venality – oh, and the arrogant, hilarious, know-nothing incompetence – that other, less fortunate countries, endure in silence.

The lesson, I guess, is that boring is beautiful, normal is to be treasured, truth matters. And lies are lies, everywhere and always.

So thank you, President Biden, and thank you, America.

A Biden Hope, all of ya.

8 responses to “A Biden Hope”

  1. Amanda will inspire us all to take part “Spoken word”




  2. Well said, in a nutshell. And don’t forget the wannabe Trump’s like our Scott Morrison
    He tried for a clone and my fear is that the balance does not keep him honest. The Murdoch press is frighteningly powerful. This Lucky Country is battling to keep its happy face. I am grateful for the power of State governments like Victoria and Queensland who do call out the lies when they can.


    1. The Murdoch press is Australia’s curse on the world…


  3. I for one enjoyed President Biden’s speech. I thought it was to the point of what we have been missing in these last 4 years. Yes, there are still those who are gullible enough to believe the lies spewed out by this disgusting individual, #45, But, I believe there is still hope that enough people, especially young people, registered to vote and did so. We are fortunate enough to still have our Democracy, though somewhat tarnished by #45 and his cronies. But the majority spoke loud and clear and for that I am grateful! ❤️😻


    1. Couldn’t agree more. I thought Biden’s speech was terrific – he said exactly what he needed to say, and he said it plainly and directly. Just what we needed to hear.


  4. Alas, realpolitik I am only relieved that Trump no longer controls the Executive and Senate and appointments to the Supreme Court. Otherwise, I am not overly optimistic about the future state of our Union.

    Unfortunately, Trump still has sufficient lackeys in both houses of Congress to thwart or at least diminish Biden’s best efforts. Worse, Republicans gained ground in U.S. statehouses and are already working to suppress voters and gerrymander Congressional and legislative districts, as the run up to the 2022 by-election is gearing up.

    So, yes, stay in Canada and cherish the boredom.


    1. One of our Toronto friends described living in Canada with Trump across the border to being trapped in a jar with a black widow spider….

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