Big Easter Road Trip

BERT – the Big Easter Road Trip – is at last under way (Bert was my paternal grandfather’s real name, by the by – we called him Pooch).

We have mapped out the trip in easy four-to-five hour driving segments, starting this morning from Johannesburg, heading south on the N1 to Bloemfontein, to spend our first night at Clover Cottage. Lambs chops on the braai tonight, a glass of red, and then happily off to bed we’ll go.

Clover Cottage, in Bloemfontein (iPhone photo)

From Bloemfontein our journey tomorrow takes us south and then east, to Graaff-Reinet. From Graaff-Reinet we continue south-east on Monday, a public holiday, to the Wilderness, on the Garden Route, where we will spend two nights in a little cottage by the sea, before continuing further south to McGregor for two more nights. Thence to Greyton, also two nights, and finally on to Cape Town, where we will spend the next few days until the Easter Weekend.

Easter Saturday we begin the long journey back, stopping over for two nights in Prince Albert in the Karoo, then on to Bloemfontein and Clover Cottage again, before arriving back home on April 6th. All in all, by the time we get back, we will have covered probably in the region of 3000 kilometres. So that’s the ‘B’ in BERT.

I could play word games here, and say the ‘B’ is also for ‘bye,’ as in, bye-bye South Africa – this is our last big road trip, after all, before we fly back to Canada in September – if we fly back, seeing that nobody really knows how the pandemic will affect flights, or lockdowns, or quarantine regulations.

But that is in the future and we are in the now.

I have opened the wine, and poured ourselves a glass – a warming Rustenberg Shiraz. The afternoon rain has stopped. Soon I will light a fire.

9 responses to “Big Easter Road Trip”

  1. Oh oh oh. I love this. Hope you will continue it with photos—-of each of you.




    1. Yay, glad you will be following our travels 🙂 Will keep posting words and pics.


  2. Sounds amazing! Raise a glass for me! ❤️😻


  3. So envious. Will you have time for the Walter Battiss museum? My forbears are scattered all around Graaf Reinet, Murrays and Pears. And Somerset West, Ou Pastorie of interest. Nice memorial to Smouse. Have a wonderful trip. Look forward to hearing about it.


    1. Thanks Lynette. Will raise a glass to you and your forebears in Graaff-Reinet tonight 🙂


  4. Enjoy the trip and safe travels!


  5. […] don’t call it Fall, here in South Africa. We do it the English way. We call it […]


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