Gull and gull-ible

As you read this, Rob and I will be in Cape Town – Simonstown, to be precise – for a long-awaited grand reunion with my son, Jonathan, our daughter-in-law Hayley and grandson Gabriel. They will have flown out from London on Friday evening; we are to meet up with them, and with my eldest daughter Kathy and grandson Thomas on the Saturday.

No blogging will be done, or processing of images, so I am posting this now, with a scheduled release date of 13th April.

Gotta keep the masses happy 🙂

Oh, and lest I forget, this is an image of two grey-headed gulls at the Marievale Bird Sanctuary. They were squawking loudly and raucously, but I have no idea what the heck they were talking about. Donald Trump’s latest torrent of lies, most probably.

Ruff formation

Ruffs in formation against a blank sky make an abstract pattern, suited I think to black-and-white; but Ruffs flying low in the morning light with water and reeds as backdrop make for a different kind of image, with a different mood and feeling.

Don’t you think?

I’ll spare you the play on ‘Reformation’…

Red-knobbed coot

Spain has saturated my posts and photographs for some time now; with this series done, my eye hankers after water, marsh, sky and birdlife. So the next few posts mark a return to Marievale Bird Sanctuary, and a trawl through the images from my last visit, in November.

There are flamingoes, widow birds, ducks of all persuasions, and of course coots – the common, humble, red-knobbed coot, ubiquitous and unremarkable.

Except that these two images, to my mind at least, say more than just ‘coot’ – they say something, I hope, about the stillness, the absorption, the quiet miracle of watching another creature go peacefully about its business.

Shake your feathers – wishing Planet Earth a Happy New Year!

This red-billed teal shaking its feathers, lifting its wings in the early morning light, seems to me a fitting way to say to you all – family, friends, readers, colleagues – may you have a wonderful New Year, filled with peace, light, grace, happiness, health, good fortune and the company and friendship of those you love.

May the New Year see a lessening of hatred and division, a restoration of decency and justice, the dignity of all, tolerance and inclusion.

We are all of us a mere speck, hurtling through space on Spaceship Earth, so let’s take care of our planet, too, okay?! It’s the only one we’ve got, and preserving it intact is the biggest responsibility we have to our children and grandchildren.

Happy 2019!