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Ugab to Twyfelfontein

From Ugab we drove on to Camp Kipwe in Twyfelfontein – named ‘doubtful spring,’ after the white farmer who settled here in the ‘forties, and who evidently would tell his guests, whenever they visited, that he was doubtful that the water would flow that year. I guess he was right more often than not. Camp […]

From Etosha to Ugab

From Etosha we drove to Otjiwarongo, where – with some misadventure, i.e. the theft of cameras, iPad, cellphones, but fortunately not the Nikon, or our passports (!) – we spent the night. Next morning, somewhat disillusioned with the place, we went on to Ugab, where we stayed at the fabulous Ugab Terrace Lodge. Fabulous for […]

On Why You Should Back Up

I don’t exactly need to go looking for an existential crisis, at my age. Simply getting up in the morning is enough. But if there’s one thing liable, in this digital age of ours, to bring the strongest of humans to their knees, it’s the loss of a hard drive. More precisely, its contents. Not […]

Lion, night, Okaukuejo

One night at Okaukuejo, it might have been our first night there, two male lions materialised out of the darkness, and stepped across the rough stones to the water and drank, in complete silence, before dissolving again, and vanishing into the night, as swiftly and unexpectedly as they had come. Some time later we heard them […]

Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison, Artistic Giants of Postwar Harlem – The New York Times

I’ve been fortunate to see a number of photos by the wonderful black American photographer Gordon Parks, earlier this year at the ‘Outsiders’ exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario – the AGO – and this weekend at the University of Toronto’s Art Museum. Park’s images of African American life in the forties and fifties have […]

Opinion: A Disturbing Trend in Photography

Now here is someone who has said what I have been thinking about so much of the ‘modern’ (I guess post-modern?) photography I’ve been seeing recently, at exhibitions and in galleries and magazines:  a thoughtful unpacking of that nagging sense one has, that so much photography today is ‘conceptual’ – clever, in an arid, academic, […]

Okaukuejo Waterhole

Here is a photo of the Okaukuejo waterhole, at daybreak: this one’s in colour, to try to capture that crisp, sharp, brilliant light of the early morning. And a photo of springbok. You’ll notice that the nearer animals are blurry, with the point of focus somewhere there in the middle. It’s an odd effect, and […]