I interview myself

In this series of posts, Glen the apprentice writer interviews Glen the apprentice photographer. There are common threads. First up, as a non-professional – someone with a day job, a … Continue reading I interview myself

Of penguins and travel

We have been up and down the country, Rob and I, over the past two weeks – two weeks ago we were in Cape Town, on business, and last weekend … Continue reading Of penguins and travel

Cape Town, Table Mountain

We have for today only one offering, photographically speaking: a tongue-in-cheek image of Table Mountain, masked by a garage forecourt – the city undisturbed by and unaware of its extraordinarily … Continue reading Cape Town, Table Mountain

Zeitz-MOCAA Cape Town

The new Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa – Zeitz-MOCAA – is an instant architural landmark, both global and local, and an extraordinary addition to Cape Town’s cultural scene and … Continue reading Zeitz-MOCAA Cape Town

The Cape, Mothers Day

I had had my misgivings, as readers of this blog will know, about the weather expected across South Africa on Mothers Day, last Sunday. But, contrary to expectation, the Cape … Continue reading The Cape, Mothers Day