A citizen of Canada

One hundred and twenty five people, from thirty four countries, assembled at 8 a.m. in a courtroom in Mississauga yesterday to take the oath and receive their Canadian citizenship. The presiding judge had come as a child as an immigrant from Pakistan; the clerk of the court was from Jamaica. Waiting to be sworn in were men, women and children, young and old, of every class, creed and colour, from Asia and Eurasia, Africa and Latin America, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. I was one of them, just one participant in a very humbling – and levelling – moment. For in that moment, it struck me forcefully, all of us were equal. No matter where we came from, what we did for a living, what kind of car we drove or house we lived in, all of us were simply citizens, of a new country, which we had made our home and which had welcomed us. It was democracy in action, in its

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